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Ultra Mineral Complex (ALL BLOOD TYPES!)

Ultra Mineral Complex (ALL BLOOD TYPES!)

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Ultra Mineral Complex is developed based on cutting-edge scientific 

research and expert formulation to support nerve function, muscle functions, cardiovascular 

health, bone health, and anxiety.

Derived from Utah's Great Salt Lake, pH Minerals offer a diverse array of minerals that are naturally electrochemically charged, making them a valuable and beneficial source of magnesium. 

The minerals are obtained through a distinctive sun-evaporation process that effectively reduces sodium levels while preserving a concentrated mineral composition. This makes pH 

Minerals are an excellent choice for supporting mineral intake and healthy mineral balance in the 


  • Trace Mineral Supplement: pH Minerals is a potent and broad-spectrum source of ionic pH balancing minerals, with 99% of sodium removed
  • High in Magnesium: Trace mineral drops are rich in ionic magnesium and contain trace minerals, including sulfur, boron, lithium, and more
  • Supports pH Balance: This magnesium supplement helps maintain an optimal pH balance, plus supports normal metabolism including energy production, nerve, and muscle function
  • CEOrganix Supplements: provides uncompromised, integrated strategies to support outstanding health for every person.
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