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Bone Support (BLOOD TYPE A and AB!)

Bone Support (BLOOD TYPE A and AB!)

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Bone Support goes beyond calcium. Give your body the nutrients it needs to maintain bone health and strength while encouraging healthy bone formation and healthy bone density with Bone Support with Vitamin K2. This supplement is formulated to deliver three forms of easy-to-absorb calcium, bone-friendly vitamins D3, and K2 to help your body absorb calcium. We also added bone-essential minerals like magnesium, manganese, zinc, boron and silicon—all in convenient, gluten-free capsules. The combination of these nutrients helps ensure you get well-rounded support for healthy, sturdy bones. Add Bone Support with Vitamin K2 to your bone-friendly lifestyle for comprehensive bone support.

Features & details

  • Calcium for bone health—Your bones need calcium to stay strong and healthy. Our Bone Support with Vitamin K2 delivers three forms of easy-to-absorb calcium like calcium carbonate, plus vitamin D3 to give your body the calcium it needs to maintain bone strength.
  • Bone-friendly vitamin K2—Strong bones need more than calcium supplements. That’s why we added vitamin K2. It plays a crucial role in bone health and calcium absorption, but it’s not easy to get K2 from your diet alone. Bone Support with Vitamin K2 helps ensure you’re getting enough of this hard-to-get vitamin, encouraging sturdy bones at every age.
  • Must-have minerals for sturdy bones—Your body needs magnesium to maintain bone strength. Our bone health supplement delivers 300 mg of magnesium to keep your bones strong. But we didn’t stop there! Our formula also delivers minerals like zinc, manganese, and silicon to encourage healthy bone formation. And we added a special form of boron, a trace mineral vital for bone and joint strength.
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