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Ultra B Drops(Blood Type A, O, B and AB)

Ultra B Drops(Blood Type A, O, B and AB)

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•ULTRA B DROPS TO SUPPORT YOUR BUSY LIFE: Maintaining proper levels of B12 is essential in healthy metabolism and energy creation. Our liquid vitamin ULTRA B DROPS contain a high dose of B12 to support your body’s daily needs and is carefully crafted in the US according to the strictest FDA standards. Get the best!

•B VITAMINS FOR THE WIN: B2, B3, B5 and B6 make up the rest of the team in  ULTRA B DROPS. These additional vitamin B supplements can help balance hormones, convert food to energy, establish healthy sleep patterns, manage stress and provide immune system support.

•MAXIMUM ABSORPTION FOR MAXIMUM BENEFITS: Methylcobalamin (or methylated B) is better absorbed and retains higher amounts within tissues than other synthetic forms of B12. Liquid vitamins are easy to digest and get to work quickly so you feel better faster. Improve your stress response and fight fatigue with this specific form of B12 needed for nervous system health.

•TRYING A PLANT-BASED DIET? This one's for you. Most dietary sources of B12 come from animal foods, which means following a vegan or vegetarian diet can lead to deficiencies in B12. Our methylated B12 supplement is made from an active and bioavailable coenzyme form of B12 and is vegan-friendly, ensuring you can stick to a plant-based diet and feel great. Healthy levels of B12 can help improve memory and promote healthy digestion.
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